My name is Alena and I love Petz! :) I'm trying to develop my personal hexing style... there's always room for improvement ;) The hexed Petz on this site are my more recent ones; my earlier ones from around 2005 were fairly dodgy, lol.

As for my hexing style... well I'm not sure what you'd call it. I guess I often produce cute things, and I love working with paintballs. I'm still getting the hang of addballs, which is why I don't generally offer customs :/ Though I do love swapping things on breeds, like ears, personalities, etc. My major influences when I was first starting out back in 2005 was Loxie and a few others; in the good old PC days, I lived in awe of them ;) When it comes to inspiration, the things that usually influence me for hexies are food, dreams and music!

About Bask:
Bask was established on the 4th August, 2014. My hexie site was previously called Wattlebark, (est. 18th September, 2009), but the site was recently frozen and for the moment I'm still figuring out what to do with it.

I chose the name 'Bask' when I was reading through very old tutorial pages from my main site, Moonflower. While they were never published because I didn't think the tuts were good enough, I'd listed some ideas on how to come up with site names. 'Bask' was the random word I'd picked from a dictionary to use as an example. I still love the sound of the word, so Bask was born!

This is second layout, a variation on a theme of the first:

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