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For trades, remember, send pictures of your offers first, not the pet! And just so I'm clear for those very, very rare incidents; harassment, pressuring me, or a nasty/hysterical reaction to a denied application will not be tolerated.

If you need some ideas for bred Petz to present to me as trades, click the button below to reveal my bred wishlist! :D

Favourite breeds: I like everything! Though I'm not a fan of orange shorthair or alley personalities (but I like their looks). I have a particular soft spot for calicos, maine coons, tabbies, persians, dalmatians, mutts, danes, labs and scotties. However, don't be afraid to try other breeds; I will have more of those listed breeds and I like collecting breeds/traits I don't have much of in my crew.

Favourite markings: I love all kinds of markings; alley and mutt patches, spots, socks/stockings, face streaks, tail tips, siamese points. With dogz, I especially love halfies with dali spots and mutt patches, and I have a huge weakness for that black nose patch you come across. I like scottie/poodle coats too! With catz, I love the face streak/chest patch/tail tip combo you get, and the multiple-coloured calico coats are lovely.

Favourite body types: I'm fond of big floofy feet on both catz and dogz, and poofy tails on EVERYTHING. XD I also enjoy the occasional oddity, such as (but definitely not limited to!) mutt ears on a dali, a bullie tail on a dane, chi ears on a lab, an alley tail on a cali, an oshie butt on an alley, tiny siamese feet on a tabby, or persian chubbiness on a siamese. I like swapped personalities too... i.e. a calico born with a persian personality.

Other Notes: The higher the generation count, the better (usually). I'm not really into low gen petz. I also appreciate naturally black or selfie lids, naturally trickster cats, shorties, minis, and oh lordy, bobtails. I love all coat colours, but I'm not a fan of tan and grey together, and I tend to subconsciously lean away from white. I also like a huge range of eye colours (though dusty and tan aren't my favourites).

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